The delivery of a security by a seller and its acceptance by the buyer. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
This term is context-dependent. From an operational standpoint, it refers to a matched trade, but it has a different meaning for clearing purposes and another meaning for technology purposes. Because of these multiple meanings, for clarity it is recommended that this term not be used. Instead of the term "transaction," the terms "matched trade," "system transaction," " clearing trade transaction" and " clearing non-trade transaction" should be used. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary
In a Euroclear context, it is the result of the matching and execution of either a purchase or sale order with compatible opposite orders. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
The buying or selling of securities resulting from the execution of an order. Exchange Handbook Glossary

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transaction trans‧ac‧tion [trænˈzækʆn] noun [countable]
1. FINANCE a payment, or the process of making one:

• The auditors will conduct regular checks on all financial transactions.

• The bank offers a current account aimed at businesses with regular international transactions.

2. COMMERCE a business deal:

• Two Mexican firms have completed a $300 million transaction to combine their consumer businesses.

reˌlated-ˈparty transˌaction COMMERCE
a business deal or relationship between two companies or people that have a special link which affects what they do
3. FINANCE an occasion when a company sells shares, bonds etc or exchanges them for other shares etc:

• The swap of junk bonds was carried out as part of a complicated debt-reduction transaction.

4. COMPUTING a single action that makes a few related changes to the data in a database or other computer program:

• A database transaction is a unit of interaction in a database management system.

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transaction UK US /trænˈzækʃən/ noun
[C] COMMERCE an occasion when someone buys or sells something: »

Users can now make financial transactions in euros.


Customers worry about the security of online transactions.


The settlement period of securities transactions in foreign markets may be longer than in domestic markets.

conduct/make a transaction »

Credit-card holders made seven transactions on average during the last month.

[U] FORMAL COMMERCE the process of doing business: »

The Government is determined to make the UK the best place for the transaction of e-business.

[C] IT a single action such as adding a sale or a new customer, which changes data in a computer database (= computer system containing a large amount of information): »

The .LDF file tracks all the transactions made since the last backup.

See also RELATED PARTY TRANSACTION(Cf. ↑related party transaction)

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